The only way is Forward, and Way Forward is the anthem.

Aaron Ejeme
2 min readSep 17, 2018

2 years ago, having just graduated from the University of Jos and I was eager to make some mullah. I have always wanted to be independent
and strongly believe that rules are made to be broken.

I tell people I was born a hustler, a hardcore hustler. Here is how I know:

— During my 2nd year at the university, I attended makeup school and made money by making girls look pretty. Yes, it got me a lot of girlfriends.

— I took the hustle a notch-up during my 3rd year, where I was buying goods from China via and was selling stuff to my school-mates like smart-phones, laptops, jewelry, etc. I was feeling like an ‘importer, exporter, Koko water’ — if you know, you know.😎😎

— During the Ebola epidemic in Nigeria around 2014, I had a major break when I imported over 3000 pcs of the infrared thermometers and supplied, wholesale, to traders. This made me enough money to buy my family a 45-inch television!🤑

I had it in me, and nothing could ever go wrong, so I thought. After a regime change in 2015, the dollar to naira rate blew up and I couldn’t manage.

I decided to shift into the Tech Startup Ecosystem, and had this “awesome” idea! I believed it would make me a billionaire, the African Zuckerberg, what could go wrong?

I Co-founded, an online Freelance Marketplace to hire African Freelancers.

This was the beginning of the end with so many mistakes:

- No Market research,

- No MVP,

- No Business Model Canvas and

-No Value prop Canvas

I was set up to fail.

But after going thru weak team formations, low funding, and learning the hard way, we pivoted and focused on a niche market — Freelance Graphic Design.

Successful? Nope, not yet!!

I needed more, I realized to survive, I have to join the right team, get trained by industry leaders, and come out bigger.

And I found MEST (Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology- Ghana.), or better put. MEST found me.

6000 applicants, only 60s slots, and I made it to the 2019 class!

I am incubating, learning, failing, and learning again.

I am an Entrepreneur in Training at MEST and I am building a Billion-dollar company from Africa.

I am a hustler; I am a Hustler