You can win 50,000 Naira cash, Nail Products worth over 150,000 Naira, and a Sponsorship deal in the First ever Online Nail Technician Challenge in Nigeria.

Learn about the main growth channels, which channels to focus on, and how content marketing ties all these channels together.

Learn why user-centric marketing is very important, understand the top task analysis, and how to use customer mapping to understand what your target customer really wants to accomplish.

Learn how to build a growth marketing process, and define the growth model that will help you reach your business goals.

This is a story of how we sacrificed our salaries for 4 months, raised investment from family and friends, and got our hands dirty. We did all of this, just to really understand the major problems our target customers were facing.

The three questions I should have asked when I was doing market research; what I should have done and how you can be better than me.

Aaron Otene Ejeme

Proud Nigerian | Co-Founder and CEO at | B2B Copywriter | Growth Marketer in Training at @CXLdotcom | Alumni @Mestafrica |

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